Editing grades

Editing grades

This article will show you how to edit the grades you have already imported into Connect Data, including examination results, monitoring grades and personalised targets. You can edit grades individually, or make bulk edits - this is also how you can add additional grades data:

  1. Editing grades individually
  2. Editing multiple grades and importing more data

Editing grades individually

To edit individual grades you can use the Edit Student screen, which can be opened from the Students or Grades screen by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the student entry.



From here you can also add or remove a subject for that student. Removing will delete that subject from the dataset selected in the dropdown, so please ensure you make all changes required, particularly if you have multiple monitoring points.

Editing multiple grades and importing more data

If you wish to import more grades data after publishing your Gradepoint, please go to the Gradepoints screen. From here you can see all imports and rename, delete or import more data. To edit individual grades, it may be easiest to go to the Grades screen.

To add data to a monitoring point or an exam results Gradepoint, click on Add Exam Results or Add More Grades or Add Results on the Gradepoint or Grades screens, shown below. This will launch the Import Grades wizard.



When selecting your Gradepoint on the first wizard step, your Gradepoints will have (existing grades) shown next to the name, and you will have the option to Update and merge, or Overwrite and replace. These options have the same functionality as importing additional data for your Year Group, detailed in our article on Editing student data.


You will likely be using Update and merge most frequently, as this will allow you to import a spreadsheet containing a subset of data with changes, such as remarks. The application will then find the changes, apply these to the existing data, and leave any unamended data.

Overwrite and replace will delete any data that exists in your current data, but is not in your new import file. We anticipate this being used less frequently, however it gives the option to essentially start again and remove your grades data.

Once you have selected one of the above options, you can proceed through your import as detailed in our article on importing your exam results. The Confirm step of these wizards will be different however, as they will show the updated records in green. Hover over the dots and you can see the previous values.

The example below shows the outcome of choosing Update and merge. 18 records have been updated, the other records will be left as they are.


The example below shows the outcome of choosing Overwrite and replace. The 16 records with changes have been updated, however the other data that was not included in my import file be will be deleted.


Once you have clicked Finish to complete the wizard, you will need to go to the Gradepoints screen to Check & Publish your amended Gradepoints, allowing other users to see and analyse the edited data.


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