Alps Connect KS4 - Quick Setup Guide

Alps Connect KS4 - Quick Setup Guide

This quick guide outlines the key considerations and collates useful resources for the setup of your KS4 cohort and import of KS4 Exam Results.

1) Setup KS4 Cohort

Pre-defined KS4 Student Details templates are available for Arbor and SIMS users.
Users of other MIS systems can use the standard Alps KS4 Student Details Template.

Full guidance on setting up a year group can be found in this support hub article: Setting up your Year Group

2) Prior Attainment for KS4 Analysis

As a value added analysis tool, Alps requires a Prior Attainment value in order for students to be included in your reports. 

At KS4 there are different options for the prior attainment baseline depending on your location and the availability of data.
Please select the relevant option from the list below for further details the import of this data into Connect.

b) CAT4 as KS4 Prior Attainment  (International & alternative for UK)

3) Import Monitoring Points and Exam Results

Once the students and their prior attainment data have been imported you can then upload in year monitoring points and exam results. 
Full guidance on these imports can be found in these support hub articles: Import your Monitoring Grades | Import your Exam Results

If you also subscribe to Alps KS5, we also recommend checking your saved subject mappings in Connect Data > Column & Subject mappings prior to any subject related imports to avoid potential errors: 

4) Activate KS4 Performance Measures for users

Alps KS4 now includes a full suite of KS4 Performance Measures, including Progress 8.

By default, the KS4 Performance Measures area is switched off for all users.

For users who require access, an admin user will need to activate this section of Connect via Manage Users > Edit User. 
Full guidance on this can be found in this support hub article: Key Stage 4 Performance Measures – Set up Instructions

5) Further Support

The Alps Customer Success Team is on hand to offer dedicated KS4 data support. Please contact or start a live chat with us for more assistance. 

The Alps Education Team have also put together this highly recommended on-demand webinar to supplement your KS4 analysis: Webinar: Driving school improvement at KS4
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