Creating your Monitoring Point Zero

Creating your Monitoring Point Zero

The Monitoring Point Zero (MPZ) gradepoint in Connect is an important starting point for your Year 13 students and helps staff set ambitious targets for their groups in the final year leading up to their A levels.

This gradepoint is based on the AS results, internal End of Year 12 Assessments, or a mixture of both.

Over the summer, some students may have left your 6th Form provision or dropped some subjects, so the MPZ gradepoint takes the grades of just those students and their subjects continuing to A level and puts them against the A level benchmark.

This gives you at the very start of the Autumn Term:

  • A useful simulation of how your A level progress could look, if nothing changes between the end of Year 12 assessments and the A level results.
  • The information on what areas and which students might be under-performing, to focus on from the start of Year 13.
  • A starting point against which to compare the monitoring grades awarded to students over the forthcoming academic year.

The MPZ grades would become the first set of monitoring grades for Year 13 in Connect for the Academic Year.

 How to create a Monitoring Point Zero in Connect

  1. Ensure you have set up a Year 13 student cohort in Connect for the current academic year.

    This can be achieved by importing your current Year 13 Student data from your MIS.
    Alternatively, you can rollover your student data from the previous academic year's Year 12 cohort using the auto roll-over tool.

  2. Calculate and import your Average GCSE Scores.

    Further Guidance: 
  3. Prepare AS Level results / End of Year 12 Assessments dataset.

    Export your grades directly from Connect or from your MIS.
    Ensure the ID’s are the same as in your current Year 13 Student Cohort
    Remove any student who has not moved into Year 13
    Remove any subjects from the remaining students if they have been dropped
    Update subject names to A levels. E.g. Change AS - Biology to A - Biology.

  4. Create a new Monitoring Point with this dataset

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