Consortium best practice for monitoring

Consortium best practice for monitoring

This article provides guidance on how best to manage your in-year Consortium monitoring data to allow you to analyse your ‘on roll’ and ‘taught at’ groups separately. 

We also have an article on how you can analyse your Consortium data using Connect Interactive.



We define ‘On Roll’ students as students who are enrolled at your school/college, regardless of where they are taught. ‘Taught At’ students are the students who are taught at your school/college, regardless of their ‘on roll’ organisation. ‘Guest’ students are therefore the students who are not enrolled at your school/college but are taught at your school/college. The ‘Host’ school/college is your organisation, or the organisation you are adding data for that has guest students.

Best practice

While we are still developing further Consortia facilities in Connect Interactive, schools are able to analyse the progress of both their roll students and taught at students.

For example, if you had 24 biology students taught at your school, but four were guest students from your partner school(s), the biology staff could look at the ‘Taught At’ monitoring point to determine the performance of all the students they taught. They can then look at the ‘Roll’ monitoring point to review the progress of your 20 on roll students – this Gradepoint would line up with Inspections and government performance tables.


Note: For end of year results data, you should continue to populate the predefined ‘Roll’ and ‘Taught At’ columns and once complete, let us know and we will produce the range of Consortia PDF reports on your behalf.

The image below shows an example of these two monitoring points in the ‘Subject analysis’ section of Connect Interactive. This is how your colleagues would view the analysis.


The arrow in the top right indicates the Gradepoint Selector which allows you to choose the ‘Roll’ gradepoint as the main Gradepoint for analysis, allowing you to view all subjects your organisation teaches. Additionally, you can use the Compare feature on the left to select subsets of students, based on the roll and taught at data you have entered. Our article producing Consortium analysis in Connect Interactive provides further detailed instructions.

Similarly, school leaders can use the strategic reports section to review the overall performance of both groups of students.


Submitting the data – for Data Managers

To achieve the format suggested above, please follow the guidance below to allow easy data entry and manipulation in Connect Data, and analysis within Connect Interactive.

Adding Roll Data

If you currently have Year Groups for your on roll Year 12 and Year 13 students, we suggest you add your Year 12 ‘guest’ students and Year 13 ‘guest’ students (who are not enrolled at your school/college but are taught at your school/college) to these existing Year Groups.

We recommend prefixing the IDs of your guest students with initials of the roll school before importing your data. It is best practice to keep the initials consistent for each school when entering data into the roll and taught at columns, and pre-fixing Student IDs. This ensures that all Student IDs are unique – SIMS Admission Numbers can be common between schools.


Once you have prepared this data, you can then add this additional data to your existing year groups by clicking on the title of your year group and selecting 'Import Additional Data':



You'll then need to select 'Update and Merge' and ' + Student Data':


This will then open the Student Data Import Wizard:


Once you have imported this additional data, it will add it to the existing data:


In the example above, I have added 59 guest students to my existing student cohort. 

The images below show the Year 13 cohort. You can see that the Student ID of the guest student is prefixed with their roll organisation initials. I have used School Y in this example, shortening the names to SchY.


Prefix indicates guest students.


Note: You do not necessarily need to include all the data shown above for your guest students. The only data you need to receive from your partner schools is the ID number and prior attainment score (Average GCSE Score, KS2 Fine Score or Welsh National Test Score). Data such as Gender and Ethnicity can be used for more in-depth analysis within Connect Interactive, however it is not used when producing basic analyses.

Each school will need to liaise with the other to share the teacher predicted grades and the student details required for the different students.

Adding Taught At Data

Adding the taught at data for the guest students is a similar process to adding their roll data, only this time you are importing the subjects that they are studying and where they are taught them, rather than their student data and which school they are enrolled at. 

You need to make sure that the student ID matches the student ID that you have used in the student data, and prepare an Excel file that includes the Student ID, Subject, Taught At information and Teaching Set:


In the example above can see that I have a number of guest students who are enrolled at School Y, but study certain subjects at School X.

Once you have prepared this data, you can then add this additional data to your existing year groups by clicking on the title of your year group and selecting 'Import Additional Data':



You'll then need to select 'Update and Merge' and ' + Teaching Data':


This will then open the Teaching Data Import Wizard:


Once you have imported this additional data, it will add it to the existing data:


In the example above, I have added 65 teaching data records for my guest students to my existing teaching data.

You can check on their teaching data by clicking the pencil tool on their student record to open the student information window:


You then need to click the 'Subject Information' tab at the top of the window to view their teaching data:


Grades Data

For each monitoring data point you can create a Monitoring Point for only students on your roll and second Monitoring Point for all students taught at your school, whether on your roll or not.


Add this data as you would for a standard Monitoring Point – make sure you remember to add any Student ID prefixes. Student IDs in the Cohort and Grades data must match exactly.

When you have added your data, please make sure you publish your Gradepoint, allowing your colleagues to see this in Connect Interactive.

If you wish to change the order of the Gradepoints, you can do so in the Gradepoint Management screen of Connect Data.

Data sharing between schools/colleges

This article assumes that each group of schools/colleges have a well-established system to exchange student information including grades, attendance, attitude to learning etc. Data will need to be exchanged for each data collection point. It is possible however, for a school/college to grant permission for a colleague at a partner school/college to access their Connect Interactive in order to exchange information using the exports available.

With access to your partner school’s Connect account you can use the ‘Students’ section of Connect Interactive to export a filtered list of students into Excel – this will include the students’ monitoring grades. You can then add this data into your own monitoring Gradepoint in the Connect account for your school.

Giving a colleague from another school access to a your Connect account is a local decision for each school or college, and where there are other data sharing arrangements available it is not necessary. The added user would not need access to the Management Tools or Connect Data.


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