Banded by Prior Attainment (BBPA)

Banded by Prior Attainment (BBPA)

The banded by prior attainment table helps you to start asking questions about the progress of groups of students.

Which student prior attainment group made the most progress?
      - Look at your high prior attainers – are they making progress equivalent to the provider in the top 25% nationally over a 4-year trend?
      - Have any prior attainment bands grown or reduced in number and what implications has this had on their collective progress?
      - Has the progress of any group started to drop? Or has any group made significantly better progress?

What are the implications of these questions for you in the year ahead if you want to open a RED-HOT Alps report in the future? These questions provide a good starting point from which to evaluate the quality of learning and teaching across your institution. They can lead to discussions over curriculum choice or initiate collaboration between subjects for example, who facilitate middle ability prior attainers to make good progress and those where equivalent students make less progress.

In Connect, you can filter this table by gender, disadvantage, ethnicity and custom fields of your choice. Filters will help you to identify whether you have any discrepancies between groups, which in turn enables you to put strategies in place to ensure all students make good progress.

The table below shows the BBPA table for A level 

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